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Smarter Lighting

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Lowest Power Consumption

LED lights are supposed to reduce your energy bill, not add to it. Lexi lights were designed for energy conservation, making them the lowest power consumption smart lights on the market.

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Lab Test Results-Standby Power Consumption

The Most Robust Smart Lighting App Available

Lets start with Interoperability-Lexi enables you to control not just Lexi Lights, but 5 other competitors products, at the same time. So you can easily create groups across manufacturer’s products for example.

And we take that a step further-so you can control not just lights, but also smart switches and smart plugs, all together, to create a unified approach to smart(er) lighting.

And how about taking Lexi Lights on the road? You can do that! The Lexi Mobile App supports Portable Mode-and while we are at it-Remote Mode as well.

What Our Customers Are saying

“It worked, very nice. Fantastic in fact, I’m very happy with the product”

- Pedro G


“They’re fun! The app is easy to use and very comprehensive. I’m going to look at how they integrate with Alexa”

- Dave W

Newport Beach, CA

“Family loves them. Kids are fighting over the lights for their rooms”

- Bill J

Spreckeksville, Maui

“These Lexi lights are amazing! Once we got it all set up, which didn’t take as long as anticipated, I was able to make them any hue of bright or pastel color thatI wanted. Overall, I love these candles and would recommend them to anyone who will listen.”

- Chloe H.

San Francisco, CA

Yes, Lexi does that!

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