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What People Are Saying About Lexi

“It worked, very nice. Fantastic in fact, I’m very happy with the product”

- Pedro G


“They’re fun! The app is easy to use and very comprehensive. I’m going to look at how they integrate with Alexa”

- Dave W

Newport Beach, CA

“Family loves them. Kids are fighting over the lights for their rooms”

- Bill J

Spreckeksville, Maui

“These Lexi lights are amazing! Once we got it all set up, which didn’t take as long as anticipated, I was able to make them any hue of bright or pastel color thatI wanted. Overall, I love these candles and would recommend them to anyone who will listen.”

- Chloe H.

San Francisco, CA

“Our Lexi lights have been what’s missing in our home lighting! We are thrilled to have the tunable white – warmer and cooler tones at the touch of the app! Plus, endless color combinations when the mood strikes for something more festive! Added bonus – our daughters are using the tall “candles” as their night lights. The freedom to pick their colors each night becomes incentive for them to go to bed!!!! A parents dream!”

- Dave W

Juniper F. Oakland, CA

Received my Lexi lights haul the other day and have been loving them. The special effects like flickering flames and strobing lights really make these lights unique. The candles and tealights are very bright for something so small and the battery life lasts for several days of use. Best of all the whole setup is portable so I can bring them to friends house’s for game night once the covid 19 lock down is over. Can’t wait to try out your other products.

- Luke S.

Minneapolis, MN

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