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Our Story

Create Magic. Create Wonder. Create Happiness.

About Us

Lexi is the world’s first Smart(er) Lighting platform that delivers a truly transformative and personalized lighting experience everywhere you play, eat, sleep or work.

What We Stand For

At Lexi we believe that smart lighting is not just about smart light bulbs with 16m colors. Truly experiential Smart(er) Lighting transforms a user’s daily life in extraordinary ways from enhancing mood & well-being, improving sleep to creating unique ambiance, reducing stress, and much more. All this must be effortless to set up and runs across all your lights, in every room, including working with different smart light brands as well as smart switches and plugs.

How We Got Here

If you have ever turned your lights down and lit a candle, you appreciate great lighting. Here at Lexi, we definitely appreciate great lighting and to our frustration, we found that despite the growing number of Smart Lighting products on the market, it was still difficult to create great lighting experiences with them.

We started Lexi to change that-and to bridge the utilitarian with the incredible. In fact, here is our Mission Statement taken from our very first product specification:

“ Create Magic. Create Wonder. Create Happiness. Do this through beautiful lighting systems coupled with other functionality that, when combined, creates wonder & excitement. ”

Our Team

Scott Cahill


Scott co-founded Lexi out of a deep passion for...

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Deepak Saxena


Deepak co-founded Lexi with Scott in early 2017. Prior...

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Kelvin Ngan

VP-Operations, China

Kelvin is the third co-founder of Lexi where he...

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Suna Taymaz

VP Business Development

Suna was previously Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at...

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Richard Ling

Board of Directors

Richard was the Founder and General Partner of Rembrandt...

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Investors & Advisors

Bill Brown

Former CEO, Matterport

Bill has been CEO of two early-stage start-ups and...

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Brian Bernstein

VP Products,Digital Lumens an Osram Company

Brian leads Product Management for commercial smart lighting at...

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Cyril Brignone

Former CEO, Arrayent

Cyril Brignone worked for the past 20 years as...

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Eric Strasser

COO, Motiv, a Kleiner backed hardware startup

Eric has 25 years experience in finance, operations, partner...

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Hans Bukow

Former CEO, Provade

Hans brings 25 years experience in founding and leading...

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Jeff Cassis

Former SVP, Global Lighting Systems, Philips

Mr. Cassis was the Senior Vice President, Global Lighting...

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Jim Hunter

CTO Delos

Jim leads all Delos'™ technology efforts as Chief Technology Officer,...

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Josh Tretakoff

VP, Partnerships, JustAnswer

Joshua Tretakoff has led loyalty and business development efforts...

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Karl Jonsson

Sr. Director Product Management, IoT Belkin International Inc.

Karl has held several executive positions with industry leading...

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Mark Slee

Developer of LX Studio

Mark was employee 30 at Facebook where he worked...

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Matthew Stepka

Former, VP-Special Projects, Google

Until recently, Matthew was Vice President, Special Projects at...

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Rich Stephens

President, Cellpoint Systems

Rich has worked in development and manufacturing of technology...

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