Developers FAQs

Where is the Lexi API located?

The Lexi API in the Hub is accessible on your local network. The Lexi Hub, once installed on your network, will have its own IP address set up by your local router. This is the IP address you will use when sending commands to the RESTful API.

There is another set of APIs in the Cloud App which is needed for user login, configuration and reporting for the Lexi platform.

What is the Lexi API used for?

If you would like to create your own app for the Lexi platform, you can, using the Lexi API. We provide APIs for both the Cloud App and the Lexi Hub so you can extend the functionality of the Lexi platform in new ways

How do I use the Lexi Cloud API?

In order to use the Lexi Cloud API, you need to sign up on the Lexi Developer Site. Once you signup, sign in to the Developer website and click on “Create new app credentials”. Once you enter the name of the App, it will generate the client ID and client secret for you. Using these you can use the Cloud API.

What is the Lexi Hub API?

In Lexi system, the Hub is the most important part of the system. The App communicates with the Hub and sends it commands and requests for status. These functionalities are exposed for third party app developers who can then use their own creativity to create their own Apps for the Lexi Platform.

What tools can I use to build my app?

There are multiple ways for your app to control the hue system. The Lexi API is a RESTful interface, which can be accessed by many languages.

Can I get remote access to Lexi Hub (e.g. other than IFTTT)?

It is planned that we will have a remote API for accessing Lexi across the Internet. For now we are restricting it for the local network.

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